simple, handmade postcards

The opportunity to embark on a trip, let alone a 8-day one,  without the little ones was fortunate one, with a lot of excitement and a lot of freedom!  That being said, I always miss them even after one night away.   So not seeing them for over a week???  Yikes!

Of course there were a couple of phone calls, and FaceTime.  However, before the trip I thought of using the old-fashioned way of letting the babies know Mommy and Daddy were thinking of them too.  And since Moira is at an age when getting mail is fun, I thought she would especially like them…postcards.



These fun little handmade cards could be done with little needed in the way of supplies.  For an original postcard, first get some heavy scrapbook paper.  I actually felt every piece of patterned paper I had to make sure it was sturdy enough to endure the trip over the pond.


A post card can actually be anywhere from 3 1/2 x5 inches to 4 1/4 x 6 inches. I made it easy and cut mine to 4×6.


I used washi on the back to separate the address from note sides and hand drew, doodled, sketched everything else.


It was a nice little opportunity to practice hand lettering, which I have always been fascinated by and have wanted to “learn”.  Love the handmade touch too…


layered necklaces {diy}

There was a time when I was on a DIY jewelry kick.  In that time I accumulated a LOT of beads, findings, etc. to make stuff.  I intend on donating a bunch of it because, after all of this time if I haven’t used it chances are I won’t.  However, I recently I revisited my stash of goodies that I set aside to keep to fashion some quick and easy layered necklaces.


Necklace number 1:


Necklace number 2:


The last necklace was made with some gold chain and a little leaf charm off of some other piece of jewelry I dismantled ages ago.  On that topic, the wood beads were off of an old bracelet.  So lesson here?  If you like part of a piece of jewelry but don’t wear it anymore, take the findings off to use on updated pieces…

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painted champagne glasses {diy}

A couple of weeks ago, I helped a friend plan her bridal shower…an afternoon, geometric-rainbow-themed brunch at her home.  Since we were doing mimosas for the featured cocktail, her matron of honor wanted to do some sort of glass for a favor.  After a trip to the thrift store and a couple of hours with a few bottles of Martha Stewart Crafts Paint, we had the perfect vessel for sipping champagne.  They were a great match and easy to make.  And that paint is no joke.  It is my FAVE because it goes on everything!



I love the way they turned out!  Don’t you want to go grab some thrifted glasses now too?


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freezer paper stencil inspiration

Freezer paper stencils are something that I have done, over and over, to dress up a bland shirt, cover a stain, or get a DIY look for a holiday/event.  They are super easy to do with few supplies…the most important being freezer paper.  You can pick it up in the grocery store, next to the plastic wrap and aluminum foil.  Then, just cut, iron on (front and back of the area to be painted), paint, dry, peel, and done.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I covered some faded/dirty knees on my daughters leggings…

you can check out the guest post at My Paper Pinwheel.  To add to the fun, I rounded up some of my favorite, inspiring graphic and stencil tees.


From Left to Right:

Popsicle via Spread Shirt
Pocket Glasses via Heart & Habit
Owl via Suburban Martini
Mustache via Spread Shirt
Monster via Bargain Shirts Direct
Headphones via Eoroco
Fork and Knife via Boden
Bake via Boden
Anchor via Wired Sport
Avengers via Doodlecraft
Dinosaur via Priceless Kids
Drumset via Uncommon Designs
Aviator glasses via Ovelo
Doughnut via The Alison Show
School of Fish via My Superfluities

But don’t stop here, the options are endless…and since graphic tees and DIY are en vogue, you (or your little one) will sure to be the fashion plate of the day…