oreo pumpkin pops

Here’s a fun little food craft for you.  These festive pumpkin pops can be used anytime during the fall and would make great favors at a party.  Or treats for the kiddies.  Or the grown ups if Oreos are your thing.


You’ll need:


Double Stuf Oreos
Orange Candy Wafers
Lollipop Sticks
Indian Corn

1.  Open up the Oreos and press the lollipop stick into the filling side. 2.  Melt the wafers according to package directions and spread a little on top of the placed lollipop stick. 3.  That is going to be the glue that holds the cookie together.


Once that has set, dip the Oreo in the melted candy, gently coating each side and around the edges. Very carefully shake off any excess. Press an Indian or candy corn, point side down, into the top of the Oreo to form the stem. Set on wax paper to cool.


Wrap em’ up in your candy wrapper and seal with a little decorative washi tape. Ta-da!




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