Ribbon Banners

A highlight to share from the lunch I hosted for some of my therapist friends this weekend…

Ribbon Banners.


I did not (intentionally) make everything green for St. Patrick’s day in particular.  I did it just because.  But I will probably keep it up until/re-use it on St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t be green with envy…you can make it too.  Although I don’t have pictures to show you, you’ll get the gist to create the same effect for any festivity.

1.  Get a length of string/ribbon/twine and secure it down to a surface at each end using tape.  This will make your project much easier.

2.  Cut your ribbons 2x the length you want it to hang (it will be folded in half over the string).  I ordered my ribbon from Hairbow Supplies, Etc.  Check it out…tons of ribbon lots, all different colors, patterns, sizes, oh my!  (You can add ribbon to one of my obsessions.)

3.  Fold the ribbon over the string/ribbon/twine, putting a little dab of hot glue in between the ribbon to secure it.

4.  Repeat.

Now that you got the hang of it and all your supplies are out, you might as well make a cake topper too.


Happily inspiring your celebration,


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